Crazy Quilt Tree Skirt

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Crazy quilts are comprised of randomly sized and irregular shaped pieces of fabric. Fabrics are often a little more "fancy" than typical cotton fabric such as velvet, silk or satin. Crazy quilts are often embellished with beads, ribbon and beautiful embroidery. These types of quilts were popular in the late 1800s.

I became familiar with crazy quilts because my grandmother made crazy quilts. She worked at a company that made vestaments for the priests. She would use the scraps of the beautiful brocade, velvet and silk that she used to make the vestaments. I have one of the quilts she made and I treasure it.

I have been collecting scraps of crazy quilts for several years. I have some full quilts but I could never cut them so trying to find bits and pieces have been my mission. All because I wanted to make a Christmas tree skirt. Finding scraps of crazy quilts isn't easy. You rarely see them at garage sales or auctions. When you do find them, they are often crazy expensive. This year I finally had enough to make a tree skirt.

I don't have a detailed tutorial to show. It was a lot of measuring and math trying to figure out an overall skirt size while trying to maintain the integrity of the design of the bits and pieces I have. Once I figured out an overall size, I cut a piece of satin fabric for the lining of the skirt. Then I pieced the quilt together to align to the size of the lining.

This is what I came up with. I left an opening to wrap around the base of the tree. I'm very happy with it considering crazy quilts are not a consistent size. It's not perfect but that aligns with the randomness of a crazy quilt.

It fits my tree perfectly. I have several vintage ornaments so the skirt just adds to the vintage feel of the tree.

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